Robert Harbison

Robert Harbison, writer, presenter

Robert Harbison is the author of a series of books on buildings, gardens, literature, maps, the history of cities, thinkers of various kinds including anthropologists, philosophers and novelists; across all periods, mainly Western but not exclusively. He has also written a guidebook to the English parish church which Simon Jenkins says is a favourite of his.

Recently he did 50 short pieces for Building Design, called Building a Library, trying to entice people to look again at lots of architectural classics—books, not buildings. He has reviewed books and exhibitions extensively, some far back in the past, like a stint at the Sunday Times in the 1980s as a regular reviewer on all sorts of subjects, not just architecture but fiction, Americana, culture in general. He has taught architectural history and English literature at various British and American universities and lectured widely at home and abroad. His main teaching has been in London, first at the Architectural Association (1978—96) and then at the University of North London/London Metropolitan (1990—2011).

Ektoras Arkomanis

Ektoras Arkomanis, director, producer

Ektoras Arkomanis teaches History and Theory of Architecture in London Metropolitan University. Recently he contributed essays on the Early Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque periods for the book Architecture: The Whole Story, scheduled for publication in 2014 by Thames and Hudson. He has regularly published film reviews and articles about films of urban interest in Film International and is currently working on the outline of a book on the subject of films and cities, a project he expects to take a long time... He got into filmmaking when he bought a Super-8 camera, early in the 2000s. He also teaches a course called Cinema and the City, which gave him the idea for Another London.

Andy Kelleher, producer (White Dolphin Films)

Andy Kelleher’s production company creates engaging and enduring films for an international audience. The most recent was Falling by award winning director Gabrielle Russell. The company continues to develop a slate of carefully chosen feature dramas and documentaries for cinema and TV in collaboration with talented directors. Currently, this includes two feature films; one with noted director Nicholas Cohen, going into production in the first half of 2014. In addition, the company has made documentaries released on DVD and broadcast on various TV channels. These include art biographies with SkyArts and a music documentary on BBC 4, We Who Wait.

Simone and Andrea Salvatici

Simone and Andrea Salvatici, composers

Simone and Andrea Salvatici are composers based in London. They write, play and produce music, as well as video art. Their music explores a complex texture of sounds—from ecstatic drones, to rhythmic psychedelia, with surprising passages of minimal introspection—using many instruments (guitar, mandolin, kalimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, synths, keyboards, accordion, clarinet and electronics) which make it sound at times strangely familiar and at other times exotic.


Through experimental project Clorinde and Etruscan Records label, brothers Simone and Andrea Salvatici have explored many genres of music and styles, which they occasionally mix with moving image.